What should farmers be aware of before signing a carbon contract?

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Considerations to be aware of before signing a carbon contract.  Iowa-based agronomist, Clay Craighton offers real, practical advice.

Clay Craighton
Clay Craighton
Agronomist, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri
I grew up in a rural community in Northern Iowa and started my journey in agriculture primarily within the swine industry working with my dad and brother throughout my youth. I grew up very involved in athletics, band, and various clubs in a rural Iowa community. I attended Iowa State University with what was originally an undecided major, but knew I wanted to live in the Midwest. I had no idea initially what I wanted to do after graduation, but had always given thought to environmental sciences and agriculture. The best way for me to give back to the communities in the area I grew up in and providing a great life for my family was for me to major in agriculture and find a niche in improving the environment as well.
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