What is this Carbon Marketplace We Keep Hearing About?

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Everywhere you turn, you bump into talk about carbon market, carbon footprint, carbon credits, etc. What does all this mean and why is it important to us in agriculture? The podcast is available here.

Anastasia Pavlovic
Anastasia Pavlovic
Anastasia leads global operations for Agoro as well as its commercialization efforts in the Americas. She is focused upon working closely with both the supply and demand sides of the market to shape Agoro's future offerings. Previously at Yara, Anastasia worked as part of Yara's Digital Farming organization toward commercializing software solutions in the US and Canada. Prior to joining Yara, she worked for venture backed software companies in the agtech and security sectors as a strategy and commercialization lead working to scale niche products in global markets. Anastasia holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Systems Engineering, both from West Virginia University.
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