Soil Health Considerations For Global Food Security

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Check out this paper recently co authored by Agoro Carbon Alliance Agronomist John Shanahan with researchers at the Soil Health Institute link entitled  “Soil health considerations for global food security.” Core ideas outlined in the paper include demonstrating  that U.S. commodity exports influence global food prices, which links U.S. crop production to global food security.  

It was also suggested that U.S. agricultural production and exports should not occur at the expense of soil health in the U.S. Furthermore, achieving soil health benefits for food security requires adoption of soil health systems on many more acres in the U.S.  The authors also proposed a comprehensive strategy to scale up adoption of soil health systems in the U.S. 

A central figure of this strategy is the producer’s decision on whether to adopt soil health practices, which is dependent on the grower realizing a strong business case for adopting soil health practices that improves their economic bottom line. Agoro Carbon Alliance’s goals are to not only pay growers for adopting  soil health practices like no-till and cover cropping, but also provide them access to the necessary support and guidance to be successful in adopting these practices which result in the sequestration of soil carbon. 

Agoro Carbon has an experienced staff of agronomists, technical specialists, and digital tools in place to support farmers in their journey of adopting these practices.  The additional revenue growers receive from carbon payments along with the agronomic benefits gained from adopting these practices can in turn strengthen the business case for adopting climate smart  practices.

John Shanahan
John Shanahan
Agronomist, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado
Originally from Eastern Nebraska, John was born and raised on a farm. He has a strong passion for increasing grower profitability, and to help growers sustain their operations by adopting conservation practices that preserve and enhance the soil resource base. Currently, John assists enrolled farmers in the Agoro Carbon program to adopt no-till, cover cropping, and improved nutrient management practices in the farming operation. He earned his B.S. in Agronomy from University of Nebraska, and M.S. and PhD in Agronomy from Colorado State University. John has over thirty five years of experience as a professional agronomist in both public (Colorado State University, USDA-ARS, Soil Health Institute) and private sector (Corteva Agrisciences) roles. His expertise consists of nutrient, water, and soil health management in crop production systems. John is also proficient in the use of multiple digital farming tools for helping growers improve profitability and sustainability.
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