Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 5: A Carbon Buyers Perspective

We are heading up the value chain with Ariel Perez of Hartree Partners to learn the carbon marketplace perspective from one buyer. Hartree Partners is a global energy and commodities firm that provides high-impact, low-cost solutions to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon future and to monetize the potential of that shift for their customers. In […]

Soil Health Considerations For Global Food Security

Check out this paper recently co authored by Agoro Carbon Alliance Agronomist John Shanahan with researchers at the Soil Health Institute link entitled  “Soil health considerations for global food security.” Core ideas outlined in the paper include demonstrating  that U.S. commodity exports influence global food prices, which links U.S. crop production to global food security.   […]

Carbon Farming Podcast Ep. 1: So What’s Carbon Farming?

At Agoro Carbon Alliance, we’re taking action across the global food value chain to grow a permanent, farm-based carbon solution through Farm Carbon Credits and certified climate-smart crops. One question that we hear more often than any other is: so what is carbon farming, anyway? In this introduction of the Carbon Farming Podcast, Alex Bell, co-founder and […]

Straight Talk About Carbon – Agriculture’s Critical Role in the Carbon Market

Straight Talk About Carbon In this episode, we recorded LIVE from Commodity Classic in New Orleans. Mark Worner, Agoro Carbon agronomist, sits down with Brownfield Ag News’ Meghan Grebner to chat about agriculture’s critical role in the carbon market and general carbon space. Worner also speaks to how farm advisors can participate.

Straight Talk About Carbon – Understanding the Science of Soil Carbon Sequestration Straight Talk About Carbon In this episode, Caleb Smith, Agoro Carbon agronomist, talks with Brownfield Ag News’ Meghan Grebner about the advantages sequestering carbon in the soil brings to farmers. Smith also discussed why cover crops are important for farmers seeking to put carbon back in the ground. Watch to learn more!

Straight Talk About Carbon – Better Understanding the Carbon Market Straight Talk About Carbon In this episode, Jerry Stephens, Agoro Carbon Regional Sales Manager talks with Meghan Grebner of Brownfield Ag News about carbon credits and the information farmers need to decide if this is a fit for their farm or ranch. Watch to learn more!

Straight Talk About Carbon – Digging Deeper in the Carbon Space

Straight Talk About Carbon In this episode, Agoro Carbon’s Regional Sales Manager, Todd Carlton, provides some insight on what farmers need to know about the future of carbon cropping. Precision ag, fertilizer management, and sustainability create an incredible opportunity for farmers in the carbon space. Watch to learn more!

Carbon market experts talk additionality premiums

A pair of our carbon market experts, Todd Carlton and Clay Craighton, say farmers and ranchers should look to capitalize on green practices before implementing them. Regional Sales Manager Todd Carlton tells Brownfield Ag News that ag producers should take their time when looking at carbon programs, but do it before making changes to farming […]